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Limit-Cruisers (#2 Crowd)
A praxis session for listeners and observers, with audio devices, headphones, and head lights.
Test sites: Unga Klara, Stockholm, Sweden, and PSi19: Now Then: Performance and Temporality, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 2013

Body language
All these things matter
You are in full control of your actions
Stand straight and await my instructions

This praxis session is based on the performance Limit-Cruisers (#1 Sphere), but it is a low-tech and experimental version where the work is used as a test site to further expand on notions such as individuality, autonomy, self-exploitation, adaption, and escapism.
The work consists of five synchronized soundtracks entitled "Sound check", ”New Individualism”, ”Decoy”, ”The Heroes of Absolute Zero”, and “Countdown”.

relation to the praxis session at PSi19, a paper was pesented entitled: ”What You See is not What You Get – Performance as a Mode of Thinking”. It was part of the panel: "A Moment in the Life of a Psychic Subject", June 28, 2013.

Concept and realization: Janna Holmstedt
Language: English
Voices:David Book, Nils Dernevik, Orenda Fink, Janna Holmstedt
Muzak and ambience: Kent Olofsson
Duration: The session takes app. 60 min.
Realized with support from: Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and in collaboration with Teatr Weimar.
"Limit-Cruisers" is part of the artistic research project ”Are You Ready for a Wet Live-In?.

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